Automotive technology is as old as automobiles themselves and they keep evolving over the years. Automotive engineers work on new ways to male driving a pampering experience that yesterday, and right now, you wouldn’t believe where we are, we might just be at the apex of automotive technology. This 2018, several more technologies were integrated into recently manufactured cars and the yearly AutoTech awards, well-acknowledged their winners in the highly competitive business. The 2018 Honda Accord was a complete remodelling of what its predecessors used to be and claimed the mainstream brand title. A few others were also in the winning game for this hot automotive event. This has made the general public who haven’t had the opportunity to drive or read the details about these cars wonder what exactly they possess that qualifies them for the 2018 best AutoTech Awards. Well, here are some braggart features that these latest cars possess:

  1. 360 degrees camera – low-speed crashing has become a somewhat recurrent thing and automobile insurance has had just too many cases it has almost become as frequent as using the bathroom. A stop has been put to this gradually with the 360 degree camera which shows all sides of your car and reminds you the size of your new car while you’re trying to park. Surely, this would be a delight to the bulky car owners more than it is to those who have smaller rides.
  2. Automatic Emergency Brakes– You may be full of thoughts (burdened by heartbreak or crazy bills) while driving and fail to apply the brake just once… don’t fret, your car has your back. The AEB sees ahead of an imminent forward crash and automatically applies the brake to avoid it. This smart safety technology would help reduce road accidents.
  3. Lane Departure warning – this is also called the lane keeping assist – You don’t have to face the spontaneous cursing of other drivers on the road, as your car will do a timely correction immediately it notices you’re drifting too far off your lane. Be it sleep or the alcohol, the warning system will jolt you back via a vibration from your seat or steering wheel or even a loud notification, yes, yourcar’s watching you.
  4. Connected Mobile Apps – this feature helps you to check your fuel status and tires’ well-being, it also helps you lock and unlock the car doors, remotely start and warm up your car during cold mornings.
  5. Teen Driver Technology – When your teenage kid goes out with your car, fear not, your car is going to be a good parent to him. It gives off a notification during too-high speeds, it stops the stereo if the seat belts aren’t worn and controls the volume never to exceed 7. Some feature will plainly snitch on your teenager by reporting if the ABS or forward collision alert has been prompted while your young James Bond wannabe was behind the steering wheels.

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